1.3.4 Why Use LEP100 Token Standard For your Defi Project vs. ERC20 / BEP20.

● LEP100 tokens represent various things, including shares, fiat currencies, and any other crypto asset.

● It is easy to pin other tokens from different blockchains on the LEP100 token. Therefore, it allows developers to generate various versions of the crypto assets with the same tokens, e.g., BTC becomes BTCL when pegged with LEP100.


● $LITHO is provided as a bonus for all validators who transfer LEP100 tokens. The bonus is collected as a transaction fee.

● The LEP100 standard offers low gas fees for all transactions compared to other token standards like ERC20.

● LEP100 token standard was invented by Joel Kasr, creator of Lithosphere, so it's native to the Lithosphere network. The Lithosphere network has the highest transaction speeds of more than 1M TPS.

● It is not strenuous to integrate Defi projects with the LEP100 tokens. Also, it can be listed for free on a DEX like PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Dextool, etc.

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